- Assisted Living Administrator Core Training

- Certified Nursing Assistant Test Preparation

- American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED

- OSHA (10 and 30 Hours) *Coming Soon

- ServSafe Food Manager Training

- Medication Management for Assisted Living

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!‚Äč


Assisted Living Consultancy - Building Confidence and Achieving Success in your Business

Assisted Living Consultancy is delivered by Paul Sturdgess

Message from Paul Sturdgess - Chief Executive Officer

This is an area which I am able to pull together all aspects of my personality, professionalism, skills and passion.

After many years of working with the most vulnerable in our communities, here and in the UK, I feel I am able to offer a solid vision of how Assisted Living can be managed and operated, ensuring a positive and person centered approach, whilst engaging with compliance to the Florida Statutes and Administrative Code.

My consultancy aims to look at your specific needs, work in partnership 'with' you, opposed to 'for' you, so that when are immediate time together ends, then I would have enabled and empowered you to lead the direction of your new or existing facility. My role is to share experiences, observe and build a business plan and model which works within the constraints of your budget, but provides a high quality of care and a home-like environment to your residents or prospective residents.

Services: (For New Services); Identifying a 'great' location, Supporting with the Application Process, Consultation Visits and Building an Effective Business Model, Mock Survey, Training and Development, and Follow-Up Partnership (If Required)

Services (For existing); Survey Deficiency Support; Mock Surveys; Training and Development; Customer Service; Service Development

Whatever your needs might be, we will offer a FREE 1 Hour Consultation to introduce our services and listen to your needs, before we sign any ongoing arrangements. This is a chance for us to get to know you, and vice versa.

The Costs for Consultancy are:

$165.00 (1 Hour)

$599 (4 Hours)

$899.00 (8 Hours)

Travel within a 75 Mile Distance is included in the Price, however journeys which are beyond 75 miles will be charged at 10 cents per mile